Dog ownership

How many Dogs can I have?

Small allotment

(Under 150m square)


(150m square and over

 1  2

If you wish to keep more dogs you will need to apply for a permit (pdf, 55KB).

Restricted breed dogs

Restricted breed dogs are five specific breeds of dogs:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier (or Pit Bull Terrier)
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Perro de Presa Canario (or Presa Canario)

They may not have attacked a person or animal or displayed signs of aggression, but they are considered a higher risk to community safety than other breeds of dogs.

From 30 September 2011, the Domestic Animals Act 1994 states that the only restricted breed dogs that can be kept or registered are those that were:

  • in Victoria prior to 1 September 2010 and
  • registered (as any breed) prior to 30 September 2011.

Restricted breed dogs must be muzzled and on a leash while outside in public places, under the control of a person 17 years or over.

Anyone with concerns can call 9243 8888 or for more information, visit DELWP website.

On leash laws

We enforce on-leash laws to promote and encourage positive health, safety and wellbeing for our community.
A Council order (pdf, 154KB), made under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, requires dogs to be kept on a leash at all times when in public place. However, dogs can still be exercised off a leash in designated off-leash parks. 
This law does not apply to a Declared Dangerous, Menacing or Restricted Breed Dog or a greyhound which must meet the restraint requirements specified under the Domestic Animal Act 1994. 

The order also prohibits dogs from being within 15 metres of any children’s playground, public barbeque, or exercise equipment area.
For more information regarding dogs on leash laws, contact us on 9243 8888


Dog Training

Training is an important part of any dog's life, and is important for several reasons. It provides mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy, and if combined with morning exercise your dog will be mentally and physically tired at the end and far more likely to sleep during the day. Organisations whose dog obedience assessment programs are approved under the Domestic Animals Regulations 2015 are:

  • Dogs Victoria
  • Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc.
  • The Gentle Dog Trainers Association
  • Four Paws K9 Training

Dogs that have undergone an assessment program administered by the above and have been issued with the official 'Dog Obedience Certificate' are eligible for the reduced registration fee in the Schedule to the Act.

For further information visit

Off leash parks

A dog shall be deemed under effective control if:

  • It returns to its owner or person in charge upon immediate command;

  • The walker retains a clear and unobstructed view of the dog;

  • It does not bother, attack or worry other users and their dogs while in the park;

  • It does not interfere with other users peace and enjoyment while in the park;

  • The walker carries a chain, cord or leash sufficient to bring the dog under immediate control;

  • The walker must put the dog back on a chain, cord or leash when leaving the area;

  • The walker actively supervises the dog and restrains it, should it become unruly or intimidate other people or dogs;

  • The walker must carry a litter device to collect the dogs excrement and dispose of appropriately;


Off leash parks and reserves in Moonee Valley:

 Park Location  Mel Ref 

Aberfeldie Park 

The Boulevard, Aberfeldie 

28 C6

JH Allan Reserve

Park Drive, East Keilor

27 D2

Boeing Reserve (Northern end only)

Boeing Road, Strathmore Heights

16 D5

Cross Keys Reserve (Eastern end only)

Bridge Street, Essendon 

28 K1  

Davis Reserve

Fullarton Street, Airport West

15 G9

Fairbairn Park

Woods Street, Ascot Vale

28 C9

Spring Gully Reserve

Keilor Road, East Keilor

15 G10

Thompson Street Reserve

Thompson Street, Avondale Heights

27 C5

Travancore Park

Mooltan Street, Flemington

29 B10


Desexing is a surgical procedure performed by veterinarians to remove the reproductive organs of a cat or dog, as young as eight weeks old. It is performed under general anaesthetic and causes minimal discomfort to the animal.

Desexing prevents unwanted pups being born and can help calm animals. Desexed dogs are generally not as aggressive and do not wander as often.

Find out about desexing vouchers for concession card holders.

Owners of dogs which are desexed also pay a reduced annual pet registration fee.


All dogs must be microchipped before registration. Microchipping is inexpensive because it is a one-off cost that protects your dog for life.

You can have your dog microchipped at the vet.

You must bring proof of microchipping before registering your dog. You can get a proof of microchipping from the vet or from the supplier of your pet's microchip.

All dogs with lapsed registrations must be microchipped.

Lost registration tags

If your dog has lost its registration tag, a replacement can be posted to you.

Call us on 9243 8888 or collect it in person at the Civic Centre, 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds.

Keep your dog safe

Confining your dog will prevent dog attacks, traffic injuries, dog fights and your dog getting lost. You will be fined if your dog is found wandering unattended outside your property.

Dog obedience and training

One of the responsibilities of being a dog owner is ensuring that your dog is well behaved and manageable in public.

Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds will benefit from training. Dog training teaches your dog how to behave better and it teaches you the skills to prevent and minimise conflict.

Find a local obedience club and training centre.

Dangerous dogs

Dogs are declared to be dangerous if they have inflicted injury on a person or another animal, if they have been trained to attack or if they are kept to guard a non-residential premise.

We can also declare a dog to be dangerous or menacing if it rushes at or chases someone. There are strict controls on the housing, exercising and ownership of these dogs.

Picking up after your dog

We offer free bags in off and on leash parks and reserves for owners to pick up after their dogs. You may be fined if you don't.

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