Pet registration

All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be microchipped and registered with us.

You must provide proof of microchipping at the time of registration. Please note: currently microchip numbers are approximately 15 digits long and are different from the tag number provided to you by Central Animal Records etc.

You could be fined if your dogs and cats are unregistered.

Pet registrations are renewed annually. Renewal fees are due 10 April each year.

Registering your pet for the first time

You can register your animal online. These registrations apply to new registrations only. 

You will be taken through the following steps to complete your online application:

  • Address search - allows you to select your address to which your animal will be registered
  • Names - click on the Click to Add Name icon to enter your name and contact details. Please note that animals can only be registered in one person's name.
  • Animal type selection - allows you to enter the animal type you require
    Attach the required identification documents (De-sexing certificate, pension card etc.) 
  • Confirmation - to confirm your application details and agree to the terms and conditions of Payment - securely pay by credit card and a receipt number will be issued Incomplete applications will not be accepted
    (Please check our fee structures before processing payment as we offer a range of discounts and you may be eligible)

or you can;

  1. Print out an animal registration form (pdf, 1.38MB)
  2. Register your pet in person at the Civic Centre at 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds. Please bring proof of desexing or microchipping for each pet, as well as your personal identification, and if need be, your pension card.
  3. After paying the registration fees, you will be issued with an identification tag that you must attach to your pet’s collar.

Animal registration fees 2019-2020

 To pay your pet registration reminders, see our payment options page.

Dogs  Full  Pensioner 
Full fee (microchipped, not desexed, under 10 years old) $124 $62
Microchipped and desexed $41


Over 10 years old $35 $17.50
Declared dangerous dogs or menacing dogs or restricted breed dogs $201 $201
Commercial Guard Dog (declared dangerous) $125 $125
Service Dogs (Guide, Customs, Police Dogs) No charge No charge

Cats Full  Pensioner 
Full fee (microchipped, not desexed, under 10 years old) $99 $49.50
Microchipped and desexed $25.50 $12.75
Over 10 years old $23.50 $11.75

Fee for extra pets

A fee of $36.00 is required for pet owners who own more than the allowed number over cats/dogs permitted under the Activities and General Amenities Local Law 2018.

Refund for pets no longer in your care

A refund will only be granted if your animal is deceased or you no longer have the animal.

If there has been a change of circumstances in your pets registration status (e.g. you paid full fee but your pet was then desexed within a reasonable time frame, a pro rate refund will be granted).

Request must be in writing and must include the details of the cat/dog such as the animal reference number. 

Change of ownership 

If you have relinquished ownership of a pet currently registered with Moonee Valley or if you taken ownership of a pet, you need to complete the change of ownership form (pdf, 176KB) and return it to us. 

Desexing voucher scheme

We offer de-sexing vouchers to any resident who has a government benefit or Centrelink card. These vouchers allow the owner to pay the difference in cost after a discount of 25 per cent of the advertised de-sexing price of the veterinary practice and the council contribution have both been subtracted.

We recommend that you contact your vet to ensure that the vouchers will be accepted, then come to the Civic Centre to have one issued to you.

Refer to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) de-sexing voucher scheme brochure (pdf, 139KB) for more information.

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 4:59 AM