Emergency management

Hazards exist within all communities, whether they are recognised or not. Planning for these hazards enables communities to be prepared and cope better when an incident occurs.

We are faced with a range of potential emergencies within the municipality such as fires, floods and car accidents. We are also confronted with further potential for emergencies such as aircraft and rail accidents.

We (Council) play a supporting role in the response to emergency events. This support may include providing equipment and personnel to the lead agency coordinating the emergency response. We also supports the Emergency Operations Centre if a coordinated multi-agency response to an emergency is required.

We facilitate and support the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee, which is comprised of representatives of each emergency service and supporting agencies that operate within the local government area. One of the key responsibilities of this committee is to produce the Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Moonee Valley Municipal Emergency Management Plan (pdf, 4MB) has been produced pursuant the Emergency Management Act 1986 and 2013. The plan addresses the prevention of, response to, and recovery from emergencies within Moonee Valley, by ensuring the coordinated response to emergencies by all agencies.

It encompasses arrangements for:

  • incidents controlled by emergency service agencies
  • support to emergency service agencies in their single service roles
  • emergency operations for which there is no emergency service agency; and circumstances where an emergency service agency has passed control to the Municipal Emergency Resource Officer or Municipal Recovery Manager

Emergency relief and recovery

Council in collaboration with other agencies such as DHHS have a specific role to play in assisting in the recovery from the effects of disasters.


During emergencies we may establish a Relief Centre(s) to coordinate the short term needs of affected community members which include a range of services including, but not limited to, short term accommodation, meals, etc. A number of agencies would be involved to provide services.


A recovery centre may be established by us to coordinate contact and service delivery between affected community members and the range of services they require in order to recover from the emergency as quickly as possible. This generally focuses on the long term needs of affected communities. A number of agencies would be involved to provide services.

After hours emergencies

To contact Council after hours, call our Emergency Service on 9243 8888.

We provide the following After Hours services:

  • Blocked roads and drains e.g. storms, road damage, accidents, equipment required
  • Animal Management Service e.g. containing stray animal, injured and wandering livestock, dog attacks
  • Local Laws - burning off
  • Health e.g. food poisoning outbreak from retail outlet or private function
  • Council buildings e.g. damage from storms, fire, vandalism, break-ins
  • Trees e.g. storms

When you call our After Hours Service, a decision is made whether the request requires urgent attention or can wait until the next working day (this is based on a pre-determined criteria supplied by Council). However, it should be noted that where doubt arises the request will be relayed as soon as practicable through to the relevant service Duty Officer.

We greatly appreciate your patience at times of strong wind or heavy rain, as we get many requests for assistance.

Community emergency planning

Evidence from previous emergencies has shown that communities who plan and manage their own needs before, during and after an emergency recover more quickly and suffer less long term effects.

We have developed the Community Emergency Planning Guide (511KB), to support local communities who want to take an active role in planning for, responding to, and recovering from significant emergencies which have the potential to impact on their community.

Personal emergency planning

See our home safety page.

Fire prevention and management

See our fire safety page.

Flood management

This Flood emergency plan is a sub plan to the City of Moonee Valley Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP), is consistent with the Emergency Management Manual Victoria and the Victoria Flood Management Strategy and takes into account the outcomes of the Community Emergency Risk Assessment process undertaken by the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee .

The Municipal Flood Emergency Plan is consistent with the Regional Flood Emergency Plan and the State Flood Emergency Plan and, is a result of the cooperative efforts of the City of Moonee Valley Flood Planning Committee and its member agencies.

Volunteers in emergencies

To volunteer during emergencies, you should register with an approved volunteer organisation. Further information is available at the Seek Volunteer website.

Emergency contacts and community support

Our emergency contacts page has details on community support services which are available.

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