Fire safety

Be prepared during bushfire season

Wherever you are this summer, be aware of the fire dangers and be prepared whether you are staying at home or travelling to regional Victoria.

Victoria has a long history of damaging bushfires. Protect yourself and evacuate early to avoid being caught out.

Around the home

Wherever you are this summer, be aware of the fire dangers.

Your goal is to make your home or business and the surrounding area more resistant to catching fire and burning. This means reducing the amount of material that can burn easily in and around your home or business. The CFA have prepared this checklist to help ensure your property is prepared.

Protecting yourself today means having sources of information, preparing your home or business, and developing an emergency management plan. Taking action today can help save lives and property.

Going on holidays

Do you know how to find out about the fire danger at your holiday area? Do not travel to country locations when the area is in Code Red days.

Even on holidays, make sure you have a bushfire survival plan that your family knows about and if in doubt, leaving early is the safest way to survive a bushfire.

Stay informed

A number of free fire safety planning resources are available online, download the new VicEmergency app, or visit their website.

Ensure you keep up to date with current fire warnings throughout the bushfire season, through the following channels:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • ABC local radio, Sky News and other emergency broadcasters
  • VicEmergency website or phone line 1800 226 226
  • Emergency broadcasters including: ABC local radio (774), UGFM- Radio Murrindindi, Stereo 974, Plenty Valley FM and commercial radio stations across Victoria and SkyNews Television
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing or have a speech impediment, contact VBIL through the National Relay Service

Other useful websites:

We’ve recently developed a household safety plan. This resource can help you work out with your family what to do if there is an emergency declared, where you will go, and who you will contact if you get separated. Fill out yours today.

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 6:18 AM