Safety for local businesses after hours

We are assisting local Police to compile after-hours contact details of business owners. This information will be kept on file to use in the event of any incident affecting a business premises out of hours.

If, for example, Police become aware of an out-of-hours incident such as glass breakage or burglary, the information would enable quick contact to the owner. When Police can make prompt communication with owners in these circumstances, valuable time and some costs are saved by both parties.

To provide the Police with your information, please complete interactive form (pdf, 139KB) and email to Police. Alternatively, after completing the form, print and mail the form to:

Business Security Registrations
Police Station – Flemington
30 Wellington Street
Flemington, VIC 3031

Be sure to print and file a second copy of the document for your records.

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 6:23 AM